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About the policy tracker

A tool for tracking progress on tax justice

Every second, our governments lose the equivalent of a nurse’s yearly salary to tax havens. Global tax abuse robs people of billions in public money and rob billions of people of a better future. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We at the Tax Justice Network believe our tax systems can be our most powerful tools for equality. But for decades, under pressure from lobbyists, our governments programmed our tax systems to prioritise the wealthiest over everybody else. The Tax Justice Policy Tracker is designed to help undo this injustice.

The Tax Justice Policy Tracker monitors and promotes progress on nine key policies that can reprogramme our tax systems to treat the needs of all members of society as equally important, not just the superrich. The tracker grades each country’s laws on how well the country is implementing each of the nine policies, helping governments spot where they can improve. The tracker also reports each country’s public position on each policy.

Grades go from A to F, where A+ means a country is fully and effectively implementing the policy and F means it’s failed to do so.


The tracker also reports each country’s public position on each policy. Positions go from Leader, Supporter, Partial Supporter, Opposer to Blocker.

LeaderSupporterPartial SupporterOpposerBlocker


Quality through collaboration

The Tax Justice Policy Tracker uses over 100 questions to evaluate over 200 countries and territories on the tracked policies. Answers to the questions determine countries’ grades and positions. Answers are based on data that is regularly collected and verified by researchers and experts at the Tax Justice Network and from the wider global tax justice movement. A large share of this data comes from the Tax Justice Network’s Financial Secrecy Index and Corporate Tax Haven Index.

Crowdsourcing support from the public helps us respond faster to regulatory changes. If you think an answer to a question on the tracker should be updated with new data, please contact us.


About the Tax Justice Network

Let’s take back control of our tax systems

The Tax Justice Network was among the first organisations in 2003 to raise the alarm on tax havens and the harm they cause. Today, our research and policy solutions are widely used by governments, researchers and campaigners to tackle global tax abuse and financial secrecy.